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    Marketing strategies

    Our approach is comprised of three main points:

    1. Objectivity: In many cases, we play the critical role of "devil's advocate", helping companies get an objective view of their target market and ways to communicate with it and ultimately sell it.

    2. Creativity: We believe in a totally creative approach. One that is not afraid of looking at other ways to do it, even if they are radical or new.

    3. Practicality: If the plan cannot be implemented by the organization, it is worthless. We take into consideration the company strengths and weaknesses to devise the kind of plan that can be executed to the desired results.

    Additionally, we feel that a cornerstone of proper marketing is the Marketing Mix.

    Many times overlooked in the scheme of things, devising a well balanced marketing mix is crucial for attaining goals, especially when on a tight budget. Our creative insight and open approach to engineering an effective marketing mix leads many times to surprising successes.

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