Conferencing and Consultancy Services

Together with MedConf, we specialize in offering several unique conferencing related services, especially geared for the medical/pharmaceutical industry, with an emphasis on attaining product marketing and branding objectives.
These include:
  1. Assessments and quality control:
    We evaluate the execution, management and goal attainment of the conference. When this is conducted prior to the affair, we work together with our clients, suggesting best of practice procedures, the best means for overcoming pitfalls and how to implement successfully. When these are conducted after conferences, we help pinpoint weak spots and devise the proper methodology to ensure future success.

  2. Branding:
    • Devising a conference theme and carry-through
    • Content development and adaptation
    • Creating effective messaging to attain objectives
    • Coordination of presented material among the various speakers and presenters to ensure complimentary content in line with the conference theme and central message

  3. Pre-preparations
    An often overlooked aspect of a successful conference is the preparedness of the host/MC and the various speakers. We make a point of preparing them as well to ensure that panels and forums are conducted professionally.

  4. Logistics:
    • Physical logistics: This includes locating and selecting the right venue for the conference, taking into consideration the professional group participating, multidisciplinary/liaison affiliation, duration, level of specialization, and cost-effective factors.
    • Personal logistics: This includes pre- registration process including follow-up prior to the day of the event, registration process, breakaway capability and attendee management throughout the event.
    • Programming: This includes food, beverages and scheduling breaks to maximize attention span and information assimilation, with an emphasis on not losing the focus and central message.

  5. Website
    As part of our service package, we also set up a temporary conference website with information, early registration etc. and for dissemination of written material that will assist the participants during the conference itself

MedConf LTD was founded by Ron Jager in 2001 with the mission of offering conference management and consulting services especially geared to promoting product marketing and branding objectives for the medical industry.

A mental health specialist with over 25 year's experience, he understands how to create the milieu that facilitates internalizing professional material and content within a conference venue.

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